Tower Street Public School

By Effort

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Current committee

The parents and citizens' association (P&C) is required to the constitution to have the following members to form an Executive Committee:
President - Katherine Rowell
  • Provide leadership
  • Chair all general and Executive Committee meetings of the P&C
  • Act as a spokesperson for the P&C
  • Report at meetings about the activities of the P&C.
  • Supervise broadly the work of other office bearers
  • Ensure effective communication between the members of the P&C and the members of the school board
  • Encourage parents to participate
2 Vice presidents - Belinda Licovski, Rebecca Bryant
  • The Vice President steps into the role of the President should they be unavailable.
  • They also do tasks to reduce the workload of the President.
Secretary  - Sonia Freston
  • Notify the School community of upcoming meetings
  • Record meeting minutes
  • Store records
  • Manage Correspondence
Treasurer - Sandra Whitear
  • The Treasurer is responsible and accountable to the P&C for all monies held in the P&C accounts (including Sub-committees)
Uniform Shop Committee Chairperson - Belinda Licovski