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Road safety at Tower Sreet Public School

Pedestrians between the ages of 5 years and 15 years are particularly vulnerable on the road just prior to and just after school hours.

Tower St Public School has a deep and and abiding commitment to student safety and requests the cooperation of parents and community members in following lawful and courteous behaviour on the road in order that our students remain safe.


  • Please avoid stopping in "Bus Zones" and areas between "No Stopping" signs. Stationary vehicles¬†reduce ¬†visibility which could contribute to a collision involving a car and a pedestrian.
  • The practice of double parking is illegal and hazardous. Allowing students to enter and exit vehicles that are double parked is dangerous and could lead to a child being hurt.
  • Please avoid making U Turns in areas close to the school. Any U Turn across an unbroken line is illegal.
  • There have been instances where parents have stopped or parked their cars across private driveways near the school. Please show courtesy to residents by parking in accordance with local signs.